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S-5! VersaGard™

VersaGard is a metal roof bracket used for both PV installation and snow retention on exposed-fastened metal roofs.

Use in lieu of an L-Foot
Use with any side-mount rail system
Install either parallel or perpendicular to slope
Integral reservoir prevents over- compression and preserves butyl seal by preventing UV exposure
Up to six points of attachment
Must attach to deck or structure (i.e., wood decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses)
Diagonal “slot” provides 1-¾” (45 mm) of height adjustability via the use of 3/8″ (9.5 mm), M8 or M10 bolts


How does S-5! ensure its brackets are weathertight?

S-5! brackets feature integrated sealant reservoirs to prevent over-compression of the seal and to protect the sealant from UV degradation. No risky, field applied sealants are ever used. No need to source sealant materials. Instead, you get permanence, convenience, maintenance freedom, ease of installation, a complete assembly, and peace of mind.

Double Seal
EPDM factory-seal is used on sheeting-only attached brackets that mount on roof ribs or corrugations out of the drainage plane. This creates a “double-seal” by way of the EPDM washer on the fasteners from above and the pre-applied EPDM on the feet of the bracket from below.

Triple Seal
A watertight, factory-applied, 60-year butyl polymer seal is used on our brackets that attach to the decking or structure in the drainage plane of the roof. This butyl polymer along with the EPDM seal on the fasteners forms what we call a “triple seal”.  The first seal is formed by the washer on the fastener from the top side. The second seal is the butyl polymer beneath the feet of the bracket, and the third is formed as the fastener is driven into the substrate, pulling butyl polymer into the threads of the fastener.

Should I use additional sealant around the brackets?

No, it will deteriorate with exposure and can then do more harm than good.

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