Snow Time Like Now

Dave Kowch
November 28, 2023

Snow Time! Plan Ahead!

It is inevitable, we live in Canada and the snow will be coming! Typically snow guards have been an afterthought once a project has been completed, were missed during the initial scope of work or inadequate snow guards were used and now need to be replaced.  At this point, chances are the budget for the project has been depleted and will require additional funds to fix the issue(s). If you have a metal roof, don’t wait until the snow starts avalanching of your roof, plan for your snow guard system NOW!

Snow Loads

Snow loads can be calculated and should be calculated for EACH PROJECT; as each project can have varying factors affecting the snow loads.  Without calculating the snow loads that will be impacting the snow guards, there is a high risk of snow guard failure that can have disastrous results not only for you but your client. If the supplier of the snow guard system cannot provide accredited laboratory test results of their product(s), DO NOT USE IT! Cheap now…expensive later!

“Snow loads on roofs vary according to geographical location (climate), site exposure, shape and type of roof, and also from one winter to another. To account for these varying conditions, NBCC Subsection 4.1.6. expresses the specified snow load, S, on a roof or other surface as the sum of two components—one being the product of a series of factors—multiplied by an importance factor:”

“Structural Commentaries (User’s Guide – NBCC 2015: Part 4 of Division B)”

Snow Guards and Budgets

The cost of a properly designed, engineered and tested snow guard system is minimal compared to the overall cost of the project.  A properly designed, engineered and tested S-5! snow guard system starts around $14.00 CAD per foot depending on the snow guard system you choose.

One Last Thing!

It only costs a phone call or an email to reach out to Sky Products Ltd for help or recommendations.  Sky Products Ltd has been involved in hundreds of snow guard solutions across Canada from planning and design to product delivery. We are confident that our pricing on S-5! products are the most competitive in Canada because we buy DIRECT from S-5!  and not from OTHER S-5! distributors out of the U.S.!

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